Collect the sample through the nostril and insert it into the bottom of the nasal cavity Trump: Feeling suffering

Collect the sample through the nostril and insert it into the bottom of the nasal cavity Trump: Feeling suffering
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The epidemic of New Coronary Pneumonia is still grim. Recently, a nurse in the United States shared a picture of the new Coronary Pneumonia virus. It showed that the cotton swab was inserted into the bottom of the nasal cavity with a depth of nearly half of the head. It was very painful to see the picture. Trump, who had been tested for viruses, bluntly said that the testing process was very tormenting. Netizens also exclaimed: “I will not be obedient!”

According to a March 29 Twitter post by American nurse Jessica Peck, Jessica pointed out that the way to screen for the new coronavirus is The extra-long cotton swab stick goes deep into the bottom of the nasal cavity and samples the secretions of the nasal cavity, which is quite uncomfortable. In this regard, Jessica suggested that in order to avoid the unpleasant screening process, it is best to stay at home and reduce unnecessary going out to reduce the risk of infection.

US President Trump, who had been tested for viruses a few days ago, described the testing process as very painful. The cotton swab has been drilling from the nose into the head, and then turned to the direction of the eyes. The whole process feels very bad. “I would call it surgery rather than testing.”

President Donald Trump speaks about the coronavirus in the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House, Wednesday, April 22, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

The photos are constantly reprinted on the Internet, and some netizens who have been tested have left a message saying that the pain is beyond the tears, and it feels like they are about to sneeze and their noses have been running out. “Super uncomfortable”, “I feel really uncomfortable”, “I’m so good, don’t go out”, “This may be more useful than hand-dancing”, “It seems that this depth is also when the flu is quickly screened, I feel really uncomfortable, and The foreign body sensation lasted for a long time ⋯⋯ “,” It hurts to burst into tears immediately “,” The place where the grains will run out of the nose when eating and eating too fast as a child “, and some netizens pointed out that doctors usually tell patients to be patient, the process is only five seconds , “But those five seconds will definitely make you spend seconds like a year.”

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