Investigating Trump’s suspension of funding for WHO decision

Investigating Trump’s suspension of funding for WHO decision
April 28, 2020 No Comments News

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives has launched an investigation into President Trump ’s decision to suspend funding for the World Health Organization, and requested the State Department to provide 11 sets of documents and information on the decision to suspend funding before May 4 The list of agencies responsible for the investigation and implementation of the decision by David.

On April 14th, Trump announced the suspension of US donor funds on the grounds that the World Health Center is highly China-centered and that it is weak against new pneumonia. Many members of the United States Congress also proposed a request to freeze WHO funds until WHO Secretary-General Tan Desai stepped down, and plans to hold a hearing to investigate whether there are flaws in WHO’s handling of the epidemic.

However, the chairman of the Democratic Party Committee Engel decided to investigate Trump’s suspension of Golden Aid WHO and wrote to Secretary of State Pompeo asking the State Council to hand over all documents related to the decision to interrupt the Golden Aid WHO before May 4.

Engel agreed in the letter that the WHO is not perfect and needs reform, but stopping the funding of the WHO when the epidemic is raging around the world is not a solution to the problem. Instead, it will have a counter-effect and make more lives threatened by the epidemic China seized the opportunity to expand its influence.

The letter said that if the State Council fails to comply, the Foreign Affairs Committee will consider taking all possible measures. Engel, as chairman of the Congressional Committee, has the power to subpoena federal agencies.

Engel said that many diplomatic and public health experts have warned that the United States’ slashing of WHO funds will affect global anti-epidemic capacity and will also give China the opportunity to exert influence. He said that State Council officials reportedly prepared a memorandum recently, warning Pompeo that the suspension of financial aid may cause the United States to lose influence.

In response to the runaway situation in the United States, Engel pointed to the Trump administration ’s “catastrophic” response. Engel said that many reports pointed out that although intelligence and experts have warned that the outbreak is fatal, Trump denies this statement, shifts focus and delays action.

Engel said that throughout February, Trump and several of his trusted advisors made the American people think that the epidemic was under control, but later bitter experience showed that the actual situation was completely opposite at that time.

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