New York Governor Como demonstrated that virus testing is convenient and painless and appeals to the public to follow suit

New York Governor Como demonstrated that virus testing is convenient and painless and appeals to the public to follow suit
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COVID-19 patients are treated inside a non-invasive ventilation system named the ‘Vanessa Capsule’ at the municipal field hospital Gilberto Novaes in Manaus, Brazil, Monday, May 18, 2020. The field hospital set up inside a school currently has nearly 150 beds and is operating near its limit as it treats patients both from the capital and from rural areas of the Amazon state. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)

The New York State epidemic continued to slow down in the severely affected areas of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic in the United States. When Governor Cuomo hosted a press conference yesterday, he was tested for New Corona Virus on the spot, calling on people who have symptoms or have been in contact with the virus to follow suit. He also announced that two more districts in the state can restart some economic activities, but New York City maintains strict epidemic prevention measures. New York City Mayor Bai Sihao said that New York City has detected more than 20,000 new coronaviruses in a single day, achieving the goal one week earlier than originally planned.

More than 350,000 cases have been diagnosed in New York State, with more than 22,000 deaths. Governor Cuomo held a press conference in Albany, the state capital. In order to demonstrate the convenience of virus detection, quick and painless, he received a nasopharyngeal swab sampling by a medical worker wearing protective equipment on the spot. During this period, the medical staff inserted a rod-shaped test object into Como’s nasal cavity, and the whole process did not exceed 10 seconds.

Como has been tested several times before, but has never been tested publicly. He said with a smile: “If I miss the press conference tomorrow, the representative test is positive.” He said that more than 700 test points have been set up in the state. With the restart of some parts of the state, more residents should be tested for viruses. In addition to suspected infected persons, close contacts, medical staff and other key groups, those returning to work should also be tested. He emphasized that the number of New Yorkers under test is not enough. He said that the test did not cause any pain and was convenient and fast. “If I have time, you can do it.” Como said that New York State added 139 people in a single day. Less than 200 people a week, and various indicators such as the number of new hospitalization patients are continuing to decline.

In addition, New York City Mayor Bai Sihao said that New York City’s daily virus detection has exceeded 20,000 cases, which is one week ahead of the original plan to achieve the goal. Bai Sihao said at a press conference that New York City currently has 123 virus detection points set up and operates 7 days a week. People in need can go to the test at any time and those without medical insurance do not have to pay. New York City is also preparing 280,000 viral antibody detection reagents, half of which will be first provided to medical personnel and necessary industry personnel, and the other half will be provided to non-essential industry personnel. Each of the five districts in New York City will set up an antibody test point, which is also free of charge but requires an appointment.

There are currently 5 districts in New York State, a total of 35 counties that meet the 7 restart standards and begin the first phase of restart. Low-risk construction, manufacturing, necessities supply chain-related enterprises, and agriculture, forestry and fisheries companies resume work in accordance with epidemic prevention requirements. There are still three standards in New York City that are not up to standard.

In terms of maintaining social distance, New York City Parks has new moves. On the grass in Brooklyn’s park, large white circles are painted one after another. People can move in their own white circles. Some people joked that this is like a “human parking space.”

In addition, New York State will resume horse racing on June 1, but spectators will not be admitted.

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