Obey the social distance American pastor sprays holy water with a water gun

Obey the social distance American pastor sprays holy water with a water gun
May 19, 2020 No Comments News customjune.com
FILE – In this Saturday, April 11, 2020 file photo, Rev. Timothy Pelc blesses Easter baskets outside St. Ambrose Church in Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. Pelc, wearing church vestments and protective gear, offered a prayer and sprayed holy water from a squirt gun instead of blessing baskets inside the church in a bid to maintain social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. (Natalie White via AP)

In the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, in order to maintain the tradition of Easter, there are priests in the United States who can maintain social distance and use water guns to spray holy water on the people.

The believers will go to the church on the day before Easter to receive the blessings of the priest’s holy water. This ceremony has the functions of blessing, dedication and exorcism. According to foreign media reports, in Detroit, Michigan, the Catholic priest Timothy Pelc of the “St Ambrose” church, wearing a mask, protective mask and gloves, while maintaining a social distance, contains The holy water gun sprays holy water for the believers in the car to perform the holy water blessing ceremony.

Later, when interviewed by the media, Timothy said that after the photos of the holy water sprayed with water guns were circulated on the Internet, he once worried about whether the Vatican would be dissatisfied, but said that he had not heard the news.

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