Questioning Trump’s recommendation of the US special vaccine US vaccine expert said he was retaliated and transferred

Questioning Trump’s recommendation of the US special vaccine US vaccine expert said he was retaliated and transferred
May 6, 2020 No Comments News

Rick Bright, the former director of the United States Agency for Advanced Research and Development in Biomedicine (BARDA), who claimed reprisal from President Trump and was transferred last month, officially filed a complaint with the US Special Counsel ’s Office on Tuesday, claiming that he was earlier than A warning has been issued to the government about the emergence of the new coronary pneumonia virus in May, but senior government officials ignored it, and pointed out that he had proposed Trump ’s use of the old drug “hydroxychloroquine” (Hydroxychloroquine) to treat patients with new coronary pneumonia Questioned and transferred.

Bright ’s representative lawyer pointed out that the sudden transfer of Bright by the authorities may violate the Whistleblower Protection Act, promulgated in 1989. He demanded that the authorities restore his original post as director and conduct a full investigation of the whole matter.

Bright, who is an expert in vaccines and therapies, pointed out in his complaint that he gave his superiors in the Trump administration a high degree of concern about the lack of medical supplies, including masks, but senior government officials are suspicious and surprised by his statement.

The Bright Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Agency is under the leadership of the Ministry of Health. He has served as director since 2016 and was transferred to a lesser position at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) last month.

He pointed out that some officials had the same idea as him, including Navarro, a White House trade adviser, but he pointed out that even though the new crown virus had spread outside China at the time, there was a lack of action by senior government officials overall. The management staff of the Ministry of Health ignored his concerns and even displayed a hostile attitude towards him.

The complaint alleges that the leadership of the Ministry of Health attempted to use potentially harmful drugs (including “hydroxychloroquinine”) to treat patients with new coronary pneumonia. Practices that pose a major risk to public health and safety are made public, especially the application of “hydroxychloroquinine”. As a result, he angered those in the government who wanted to continue to promote these false statements.

He said he encountered resistance within the leadership of the Ministry of Health, including resistance from Health Minister Hazard. Hazard attempted to downplay this disaster.

The storm surrounding Bright reflected the chaos during the Ministry of Health’s response to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in the past few months. His allegations also reflect the government ’s political prejudice. Trump ignored the good or bad of science and insisted on promoting an unproven drug. The Ministry of Health refused to respond to the complaint made by Bright.

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