The British government said that the epidemic situation has peaked

The British government said that the epidemic situation has peaked
April 23, 2020 No Comments News
A woman wearing a protection mask to protect against coronavirus walks over Westminster Bridge in London, Wednesday April 22, 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

British Health Minister Xia Guoxian said on Wednesday (22nd) that the UK’s new coronary pneumonia epidemic has reached its peak and pointed to the government’s social distance measures being effective. The British government’s chief medical consultant Whitie said that he believes that the chance of the new coronavirus vaccine being successfully applied in the next year is slim, and he believes that the social distance guide may be maintained for a long time.

Chief health consultant Whitie pointed out that the social distance guidelines will continue to be implemented at least this year. Whitty also agrees that the UK will reach the peak of the epidemic, but there is still a long way to go for the downward trend of diagnoses and deaths. He believes that the chance of a new coronary pneumonia vaccine or treatment before next year is slim.

In addition, Oxford University in the United Kingdom today launched the first local clinical trial of a new coronavirus vaccine, which will vaccinate about 500 people. It is expected that the vaccine will be available in the fastest autumn.

As of Wednesday, there were 763 more deaths from illness in the UK, with a total of 18,000 deaths.

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