The British police jungle hunted down the suspect

The British police jungle hunted down the suspect
May 12, 2020 No Comments News

The police in Nottinghamshire in the United Kingdom recently fled to the nearby jungle to hunt down the suspect. Due to the complex terrain of the jungle and the dim sky, the police could not locate the suspect. Unexpectedly, the suspect was arrested and returned to the police station after the police found him because of a loud fart.

The local police shared an anecdote on Facebook last Thursday that they were hiding in the jungle near Harworth a few days ago during their pursuit of the suspect. At that time the sky was dim, and the police were already exhausted. It was thought that the prisoner would escape successfully and continue to go unpunished.

But the current prisoner couldn’t hold back and let go of a fart. The police followed the sound of the fart and finally found the suspect. The suspect has been sent to Mansfield (Mansfield) for detention. As soon as the police post appeared, many netizens left a message. Some netizens said that the police said that the police had no sense of humor, and some netizens said that he would never forget it.

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