The CDC’s poor detection of the White House: let the country down

The CDC’s poor detection of the White House: let the country down
May 19, 2020 No Comments News

The United States announced yesterday that there have been 820 new cases of new coronary pneumonia deaths in the past 24 hours. A total of nearly 90,000 people have not been treated, and a total of 1,486,376 cases have been diagnosed. The White House points the finger at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, referring to the CDC’s “disappointment to the country” in providing testing reagents that are critical for anti-epidemic.

The new Coronavirus testing reagents made by the CDC are flawed, causing the United States to be criticized for being several weeks late in responding to the epidemic. Critics pointed out that the World Health Organization has production reagents at the end of January, and the CDC is just as acceptable as it is, without having to insist on self-development.

White House trade adviser Navarro said on NBC’s Meet the Press: “In the early days of this crisis, the most trusted US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in this area, really The country has been disappointed in testing. Because they not only limit the testing to the bureaucracy, but also have poor quality, it really drags us down. “The

Food and Drug Administration has criticized the CDC for not complying with the fact that it is manufacturing testing agents. The code was not revised until the end of February. Navarro’s speech this time was the strongest criticism of a White House official for the slow detection of the CDC to date.

The Minister of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar, defended the CDC, saying that the CDC never intended to be the “backbone of US testing and large-scale testing.” Hazard said: “I don’t think that the CDC disappoints this country. I think the CDC plays an important public health role, and it has always been important to involve private organizations.” The

medical journal “Needle” (The Lancet) also defended the US Centers for Disease Control. The commentary reads: “Of course the CDC made mistakes, especially in the early detection of the epidemic, but penalizing this agency by marginalization and restraint is not the solution. There must be a strong CDC To respond to public health threats, whether domestic or international. “

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