Touched by tears, British man transforms shower curtain to embrace grandmother

Touched by tears, British man transforms shower curtain to embrace grandmother
May 20, 2020 No Comments News

The epidemic situation of the new coronavirus in the UK is still severe. As of now, more than 240,000 cases have been diagnosed and the death toll has exceeded 35,000. In order to prevent the epidemic from spreading further, the people maintain a safe social distance and avoid handshake and other behaviors. However, 29-year-old Antony Cauvin from Stratford-upon-Avon in the United Kingdom tried to remodel a shower curtain in order to be able to hug her.

Since the outbreak, he has been able to see the wife, but has never embraced her under the guidance of the government. Although the wife did not say anything, he knew that the old man really wanted to hug his children. So he decided to find a way to let his wife feel the temperature of her loved ones again. He bought a shower curtain and several plastic arm sleeves for industrial use.

He then hung a remodeled shower curtain with a shelf in the backyard to ensure a hug with Huaihua under security. The whole process Anthony spent a total of 70 pounds (about 900 Hong Kong dollars), after the renovation, she let the wife walk into the courtyard. When she saw the device, she understood that she could hug her grandson again.

Anthony’s wife photographed the whole warm process, and she was moved to tears in surprise, walking to the shower curtain. Anthony and Grandma hugged each other tightly and did not want to be separated for a long time. After the video was uploaded to the Internet, many netizens were moved by the true emotions of the two.

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