Trump defends against malaria drug epidemic

Trump defends against malaria drug epidemic
May 20, 2020 No Comments News

US President Trump and Pelosi, the House Speaker of the Democratic Party, scolded again. After Pelosi pointed out that Trump should not take the anti-malarial drug “hydroxychloroquine” that was not approved by scientists, and after saying that he was “pathologically obese”, Trump made a counterattack. Sick woman “. Trump also defended his use of “hydroxychloroquine”, arguing that it can provide additional protection for new coronary pneumonia, and pointed out that academic research that this drug poses a health risk was done by his enemies.

Trump recently publicly claimed that he started taking “hydroxychloroquine” to prevent new coronary pneumonia, which immediately caused controversy, because the US Food and Drug Administration warned that taking “hydroxychloroquine” may cause serious heart rhythm problems, and some experts are worried about side effect. In an interview with CNN recently, Pelosi said that “morbidly obese” Trump taking this drug every day poses a danger to his health. Pelosi emphasized that Trump, as president, should not take drugs that have not been approved by scientists, especially considering his age and weight.

Trump was reluctant. When he arrived at Capitol Hill on Tuesday for lunch with a group of Republican congressmen, he countered: “Pelosi is a sick woman with many problems and many mental problems.”

Warning to some doctors and experts “Hydroxychloroquine” will produce adverse side effects and may pose a health risk. Trump tried to defend himself, saying that academic research that refers to “hydroxychloroquine” as dangerous is done by his enemies.

A research report published in April this year showed that in some veterans’ hospitals, patients taking “hydroxychloroquine” to treat new coronary pneumonia had a higher mortality rate.

Trump also pointed out that many medical personnel on the front line against the new coronary pneumonia epidemic have taken “hydroxychloroquine”. Refers to “hydroxychloroquine” used to treat malaria, has a history of 60 to 65 years. Whether to take this medicine to prevent new coronary pneumonia is his personal decision. If you take it, you will have one more safety.

However, Vice President Pence told reporters on Tuesday that he did not take “hydroxychloroquine”.

White House spokesman Mai Nali said that Trump took the medicine according to the doctor’s opinion, and he was willing to make the matter public because he wanted to maintain transparency and let the American people know. She suggested that others should listen to the doctor’s opinion to decide whether to take this drug, and only take drugs prescribed by the doctor.

For the fact that the Fox News reported earlier that “hydroxychloroquine” was too dangerous to be used to treat new coronary pneumonia, Mai Enali criticized the station for reporting the wrong news.

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