Trump inspects Arizona mask factory in high profile and insists on not wearing masks

Trump inspects Arizona mask factory in high profile and insists on not wearing masks
May 6, 2020 No Comments News

US President Trump personally flew to Arizona on Tuesday to inspect a mask factory, but during the visit, he still refused to wear a mask.

This is the first time Trump has visited other states in such a high-profile manner since the outbreak of the United States and the implementation of home orders across the country. He flew directly from Washington to Phoenix, Arizona, on a presidential plane, to meet the principals and workers at the Honeywell Mask Factory. During the anti-epidemic period, this mask factory produced a large number of masks for use by frontline medical staff.

Workers who listened to Trump’s speech in the factory all followed the guidelines and company regulations provided by the government and put on masks. The factory also posted a notice in the eye, clearly writing: “Please wear a mask at all times.”

However, Trump insisted on his usual style and did not wear a mask when entering the factory. Standing in front of a box of masks, he gave a short speech to the workers, once again downplaying the risk of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, and repeatedly stressed the importance of restarting the US economy. He said: “We can’t shut down our country in the next five years.” When the

US Centers for Disease Control issued guidelines to the nationals to wear masks or cover their noses and noses with fabrics or scarves, Trump had indicated that he would Follow along. However, the first lady, Melania, sang a backsound, supported wearing masks, and uploaded photos of her wearing masks, encouraging the public to take protective measures.

Vice President Pence visited the internationally renowned Mayo Clinic in Minnesota at the end of last month and did not wear a mask when meeting with medical staff. He was criticized for his lack of epidemic awareness and violation of the hospital ’s requirements for those who enter to wear a mask Provisions. Unknown whether he was under pressure, he put on a mask when he attended another public event a few days later.

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