What is a coronavirus?

What is a coronavirus?
April 16, 2020 No Comments Tips customjune.com

Coronavirus is a kind of virus widely existing in nature. It is named because the morphology of the virus is similar to the crown observed under the electron microscope. So far, it has been found that coronavirus only infects vertebrates and can cause respiratory and digestive tract and nervous system diseases in humans and animals. In addition to the new coronaviruses discovered this time (the World Health Organization has named them “2019. nCoV, 2019 new coronaviruses”), there are 6 other coronaviruses known to infect humans. Four of them are more common in the population, with lower pathogenicity, and generally only cause mild respiratory symptoms similar to the common cold; the other two are the well-known SARS coronavirus and MERS coronavirus.

But the new coronavirus discovered this time is very different from SARS coronavirus and MERS coronavirus. Like humans, although different viruses are close relatives, their temperaments, attitudes, and behaviors are very different. Although the new coronavirus is a close relative of SARS, it has not shown the terrible characteristics of SARS, so you do n’t need to panic. .

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