A large number of wild parrot experts killed in Australia: virus transmission rate is as new as pneumonia

A large number of wild parrot experts killed in Australia: virus transmission rate is as new as pneumonia
May 7, 2020 No Comments News customjune.com

The outbreak of new coronary pneumonia has spread all over the world, and the number of diagnoses is numerous, and it also brings different sequelae. Following the outbreak of unknown inflammation in foreign children, animal suspicions have also been implicated recently. According to foreign media reports, Australia has found hundreds of wild parrots killed unexpectedly. Darryl Jones, a professor at Griffith University in Australia, said he suspected that the parrots are suffering from “lorikeet paralysis syndrome”, which is caused by close contact with the community to contract a similar coronavirus.

Darryl pointed out that this is very similar to the new coronavirus. It can be transmitted by contact or breathing up close to spread the disease. It is a virus that has never appeared. “Parrot Paralysis Syndrome” is when a bird gets infected, the virus will make them feel stuck in their lungs, and eventually die of paralysis and suffocation. At the early stage of infection, the parrot will fall to the ground because it tries to land on a branch and is unable to grasp it. It usually dies within an hour.

The parrot slain incident is still a mystery. The locals have witnessed the parrot ’s abnormal behavior before death. Darryl admits that similar incidents occurred in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and other regions three years ago, and even found the bodies of 24 parrots under a large tree, all of which were vaguely flesh and dead. He said that the most terrifying thing is that thousands of parrots die in the same way.

The disease is still in the research stage. Darryl advises the Australian people not to feed wild parrots for a short period of time to prevent them from gathering and spreading the virus. Some veterinarians have reasoned that the cause of bird death may be that plants may mutate under certain climatic conditions and cause unknown diseases.

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