A total of 486 more cases were diagnosed in Singapore with laboratory kit problems

A total of 486 more cases were diagnosed in Singapore with laboratory kit problems
May 12, 2020 No Comments News customjune.com
FILE – In this April 10, 2020, file photo, people wearing protective face masks exit a mall along the Orchard Road shopping belt in Singapore. A second wave of coronavirus infections in tightly packed foreign workers’ dormitories has caught Singapore off guard, and exposed the danger of overlooking marginal groups in a health crisis. Infections in Singapore, an affluent Southeast Asian city-state of fewer than 6 million people, have jumped more than a hundredfold in two months ??from 226 in mid-March to over 23,000, the most in Asia after China and India.(AP Photo/Yong Teck Lim, File)

In Singapore, 486 new coronaviruses were diagnosed. Most of them were foreign workers living in dormitories. Only 2 were local citizens or permanent residents. The cumulative number of confirmed cases was more than 23,000.

The Ministry of Health in Singapore said there are fewer new cases today, partly because a laboratory is recalibrating a kit detector, so fewer tests are processed.

The Ministry of Health also pointed out that during the periodic evaluation of laboratory tests, a laboratory had a problem with the kit. 33 people were mistakenly diagnosed as confirmed cases earlier. After the national public health laboratory re-tested, 33 people have been reclassified Is negative.

The authorities allege that the laboratory in question has now stopped all testing.

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