A White House spokesperson described US-China relations as “disappointing and frustrating”

A White House spokesperson described US-China relations as “disappointing and frustrating”
May 7, 2020 No Comments News customjune.com

US President Trump has repeatedly pointed at the new crown pneumonia epidemic in China. He does not believe the death toll data released by China, and also points out that his government is thinking about how to take punitive actions against China’s early handling methods. The new White House spokeswoman Mai Enali described the current relationship between the United States and China as “disappointing and frustrating”, highlighting the growing rift between the two countries.

When the new White House press secretary Mai Nali directed the press conference, she also pointed the finger at China, saying: “At this moment, the (US-China) relationship is disappointing and frustrating because the president has already expressed his decision to China How frustrated Americans face their lives in danger. “The Chinese Embassy in Washington did not immediately respond.

US Secretary of State Pompeo also continued to issue an argument against China on Wednesday, accusing China of concealing the epidemic. He insisted a few days ago, claiming that “there is a lot of evidence” to prove that the new coronavirus was related to a laboratory in Wuhan, but he also admitted that he still could not determine the source of the virus.

Pompeo said in an interview with the BBC: “Those statements are true. We are not sure, but there is sufficient evidence to prove that it (virus) came from a laboratory.”

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