Brazil deletes official website’s cumulative epidemic dat

Brazil deletes official website’s cumulative epidemic dat
June 8, 2020 No Comments News

From Saturday, the Brazilian Ministry of Health has reorganized the official website for the release of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, removed the relevant data of the states in the past few months, and suspended the announcement of the number of local diagnoses, deaths and rehabilitation. The authorities re-uploaded the new page today, providing only piecemeal information, reflecting only the number of deceased patients, the number of diagnosed cases and the number of recoveries in the past 24 hours.

Brazilian President Bolsonaro said on his social networking site that the data does not reflect the current state of the country. 

Recently, the epidemic in Brazil is serious, and the number of diagnoses has soared. According to the updated data on the new website late at night on Saturday, more than 27,000 cases were added in the past day, and more than 900 deaths were added in a single day. More than 670,000 cases were diagnosed, which is the second highest confirmed country in the world. Second only to the United States. Bolsonaro pointed out that the authorities are discussing how to improve the procedure for reporting and confirming the diagnosis. 

Bolsonaro once criticized the WHO as a biased political organization, threatening to withdraw. He has also been opposed to the introduction of social distance measures, and has repeatedly pressed local governments to lift restrictions.

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