During special periods, you must wear protective masks when going out.

How To Wear Face Masks Properly, And How To Clean Them | TODAY

How to wear a mask correctly

Is not just to put on a mask, you can worry-free, away from virus trouble. The correct wearing method recommended by the Health and Epidemic Prevention Center of the Hong Kong Department of Health should be divided into five steps: “select-wash-confirm-cover-paste”

① Choose: choose a mask with the right size for your face;

② Wash: You must clean your hands before wearing a mask;

③ Indeed: Determine the integrity of the mask, the front and back sides and the up and down direction, for example, the color side should be outward, and the metal strip should be upward;

④ Cover: The nose, mouth and chin should be tightly covered;

⑤ Paste: those with metal strips should be pressed by hand along both sides of the bridge of the nose to ensure tightness.

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