New crown pneumonia can’t continue to run Italian boss to personally destroy 29-year-old pizza shop

New crown pneumonia can’t continue to run Italian boss to personally destroy 29-year-old pizza shop
May 18, 2020 No Comments News

The new coronavirus epidemic severely hit the global economy, causing many people to lose their jobs and close their stores. A few days ago, an Italian pizza shop owner could not continue the business because of the epidemic. He personally smashed one of his stores with a big hammer and shared the video of the process of the hammering on the Internet. Many netizens are frustrated.

It is understood that the owner of the restaurant is 59-year-old Gian Mario Fenu, who lives in Ploaghe, a town in Sassari (Sassari). He started operating this Pizza shop called “Fanatic Pub Pizzeria” 29 years ago. He is well-known in the local area and has participated in the World Pizza Championship many times.

In an interview with foreign media, he said that the restaurant had been closed for two months because of the epidemic, which made it difficult for him to sustain it, and he had to bear the cost of 3,000 euros (about 25,000 Hong Kong dollars) every month. Although some bars, pancake shops and restaurants in Italy have been reopened, they can only take out. Fenu believes that there may be a loss when the epidemic is reopened, so he decided to demolish many years of hard work. He had already sold out the furniture and other valuable things in the store.

The video shows that Fenu just said “Grazie COVID-19” (thanks to COVID-19), and then picked up a big hammer to smash the bar of the restaurant. Watching the film has felt its helplessness.

Fenu said that he did not resent anyone, nor did he want to send any political message. Because of the new crown, he can no longer afford the cost of the restaurant. “So I decided to demolish it myself, it was very simple.” But in fact, he also has a shop called “Caffè San Pietro”, he will not destroy that shop, because he still has to prepare for the World Pizza Championship.

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