New crown pneumonia invades White House Pence decides to keep distance from Trump

New crown pneumonia invades White House Pence decides to keep distance from Trump
May 13, 2020 No Comments News

Miller, the press secretary of US Vice President Pence, was diagnosed with the New Crown Virus recently. White House press secretary McNani confirmed Tuesday that Pence decided to keep distance from President Trump, and Pence himself decided when to end the distance.

New crown pneumonia invaded the White House, Miller confirmed the infection recently, and the personal assistant of Trump ’s eldest daughter Ivanka was also diagnosed, but Ivanka and her husband Kushner were negative after testing, temporarily excluding the possibility of diagnosis.

The White House confirmed on Friday that Miller was infected, and a follower of Trump was also diagnosed, which is worrying that Trump and Pence may be infected at the same time.

McNani said in a news briefing on Tuesday that Pence has decided to keep his distance from Trump for several days, and how long it will last is up to Pence himself.

In accordance with the provisions of the US Constitution, the President of the House of Representatives will act as the President in the event of an incident between the President and the Vice President.

After Miller’s diagnosis, Pence did not attend the White House’s National Security Conference on Saturday, nor did he appear at Trump’s Rose Garden press conference on Monday.

At the news briefing, McNani was also asked by a reporter why she did not wear a mask. She argued that she had kept enough distance from the reporters present, and she was tested on Tuesday and Monday, and the results were negative.

In addition, as confirmed cases and deaths increase, more and more Americans are dissatisfied with Trump’s anti-epidemic performance in the past month. According to the latest polls, Trump’s current approval rating has fallen eight points behind Democratic rival Biden.

According to a poll released by Reuters / Ipsos on Tuesday, 41% of respondents were satisfied with Trump ’s governance performance, which was a four percentage point drop compared to the survey in mid-April; the number of dissatisfied people rose Five percentage points, reaching 56%.

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