Wearing a face mask to cover the swelling after surgery in Japan

Wearing a face mask to cover the swelling after surgery in Japan
May 14, 2020 No Comments News customjune.com
In this April 19, 2020, image made from the Youtube account of Arisa Kadono, she speaks to her smartphone video at a hospital, in Himeji, western Japan. Soon after Kadono tested positive for the coronavirus and hospitalized in early April, her friends let her know that groundless rumors were circulating. (Arisa Kadono via AP)

Under the new pandemic pneumonia pandemic, you must wear a mask when you go out, and Japan has caused a wave of cosmetic surgery because even if the face is swollen after the operation, wearing a mask can cover it.

A 23-year-old female nurse working in a cosmetic surgery clinic revealed that the number of college students’ appointments has increased significantly, and even more mothers have taken their children to cut their eyelids. She said: “A lot of people want to do eye plastic surgery and face lift. Some parents will bring their children to undergo double eyelid surgery together.”

He also pointed out that people who make appointments for plastic surgery usually end in January, when the university winter vacation begins Increased, but this year there are particularly many appointments, which may be related to school suspensions and work-at-home work in the epidemic. I think this period is a good time to go out and wear a mask to cover up the swelling of the face after the operation.

However, due to the shortage of medical supplies across Japan, this plastic surgery clinic also has difficulty obtaining supplies such as gauze and disinfectants. The nurse said that 10 gauze was used for the operation, but now it is reduced to two to five. Sometimes a gauze is cut in half for use. She admits, “We are not very ideal in terms of hygiene.” A doctor reminded the public to carry out non-essential surgeries during the epidemic, which may increase the risk of infection.

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